Friday Fun: The King’s Singers perform the Overture to Rossini’s Barber of Seville

I kind of have a crush on all of the King’s Singers, to be honest. I was fortunate enough to go to be in the audience for both a concert and a Master Class of theirs earlier this year, and in addition to having beautiful, incredibly well-trained voices, they are just generally funny and delightful people.  They do a lot of serious and less serious madrigals, and folk songs, and their version of The Band Played Waltzing Matilda was shatteringly good (that song is quite good at getting me teary in any case, but this was something else again).

And then they do things like this.

Personally, I can’t see that Rossini has anything to complain about.  Then again, I’m currently typing this while helping one of our Honours Students deal with some particularly baroque last-minute thesis problems (it’s always fun when you go to print and discover that instead of having 25-odd figures in your document, you instead have 25-odd copies of Figure 3.3A, and the less said about Endnote the better) and also sipping celebratory champagne because our floor did unusually well with grants this year, so I’m probably sillier than you are right now.

But seriously, for all the silliness of this piece of music, it is also rather magnificent – perfectly, perfectly sung, and I would give a great deal for the impressive breath control of that tenor.

May your weekend be filled with silliness and song!


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The King’s Singers perform the Overture to Rossini’s Barber of Seville

  1. filkferengi says:

    You do realize, I’ve bought multiple cds by these guys, & it’s all your fault. Thanks for sharing the fun link!

    Because turnabout is fair play [although not nearly equivalent], Knightsong, a local madrigal group, has a handful of videos you might enjoy, here:


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