Friday Fun: The Girl in 14G (performed by Kristin Chenoweth)

I first encountered Kristin Chenoweth as the idealistic, Gilbert-and-Sullivan-loving, Republican lawyer on The West Wing.  Edited to add: Oops, no I didn’t.  She was on the West Wing, but she was actually Leo McGarry’s assistant.  I had no idea she could sing…

… and particularly not in so many different styles and with such an impressive range.  The song is composed by Jeanine Tesori (lyrics by Dick Scanlan), a composer I had never previously heard of, probably because she mostly composes for Broadway musicals and I don’t get out much (particularly to New York, of course…).  I’ll have to keep an eye out for anything of hers that turns up in Melbourne, however, as she is clearly a clever, clever composer.

As for Kristin Chenoweth, what is there to say but wow.  (Admittedly, part of my lack of commentary is because I’m really, really tired right now, but still…) She really is an amazingly talented woman.

And here, as a little bonus, is Ms Chenoweth having a bit of fun with Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria.  Because you know you needed a bit more Queen of the Night in your life…


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Girl in 14G (performed by Kristin Chenoweth)

  1. Hannah says:

    Oh gosh yes, Kristin Chenoweth was the original Glinda in Wicked! She’s amazing. I adore her. Also, The West Wing is THE BEST EVER (along with SeaChange and Firefly).


    • Hannah says:

      P.S. And because I’m a big nerd, Kristin Chenoweth actually played Annabeth Schott, Leo’s assistant, on The West Wing. The Gilbert-and-Sullivan-loving Republican Ainsley Hayes was another gorgeous blonde actress, Emily Proctor. 🙂


      • Catherine says:

        She’s fabulous, isn’t she? And oops, I don’t know why I was so convinced that she was Ainsley Hayes.

        Clearly, I need to watch the West Wing again. However will I cope?

        (it is, indeed, the best ever – I haven’t seen Sea Change yet, though. And have you seen Leverage yet? Another very, very clever show…)


  2. […] on my music blog, I noted that my choir was singing about dragons and was delighted by Kristin Chenoweth singing The Girl in 14G – if you listen to one bit of music theatre this week, make it that one, because it’s […]


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