Advent Calendar Day 17: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

We had our Carol Service at Christ Church today, which means I am feeling thoroughly descanted, always a pleasing feeling, and in a mellow sort of mood.  And also as though Christmas really is close, which is definitely where this music fits…

I had no idea Enya had recorded this piece.  I’m slightly bemused by it – it does sound so very Enya, and not at all what I thought I was looking for when I went hunting for a good version of O Come, O Come Emmanual.  I was looking for something a lot more plain-chanty, I think.  Or like that gorgeous version by the King’s Singers, which I feel I can’t use after having one of theirs last weekend, but which is still utterly amazing.

But I do like this one.  It has a stillness and contemplative feel that are absolutely right for this song, and Enya does preserve the feel of plainchant.  Though I do find it strange to recognise very Enya-ish chords and instrumentation below it, and the sudden chorus does make me giggle.

And speaking of giggling, as I looked at the Enya recording, another one caught my eye.  “Boys II Men did a version of O Come O Come Emmanuel,” I told Andrew, who was sitting next to me, minding his own business.

“No,” said Andrew, very firmly.

I contemplated the recording a little further.

“NO,” said Andrew, with even more conviction.

I pointed out that I had no idea what it would sound like, and now I really had to know.

I got a Look.

I don’t think Andrew likes Boys II Men.  To be fair, the recording didn’t do much for me, either.  But it would have been wrong to reject it without a fair trial…


5 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Day 17: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

  1. Elettaria says:

    I am rather interested to hear the King’s Singers version, but you’ve linked to the Enya one again instead. Do I get a fixed link if I’m good?


  2. […] with Gaudete! for Gaudete Sunday (also known by us as Pink Sunday, because of the funky vestments), O Come, O Come Emmanual on Monday, and the Coventry Carol on Tuesday. Wednesday was the Australian Carol of the Birds, and […]


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