Advent Calendar Day 20: O Magnum Mysterium (Byrd and Lundgren)

Here’s something a bit different that I found when I was looking for a version of a piece we sang in choir a few years ago. And yes, this is indeed the piece we sang.  But we didn’t sing it quite like this…

Yes, indeed, what Byrd really needed all along was a bit of jazz piano.  Obviously.

I honestly don’t quite know what to say about this one, except that I keep expecting it to turn into a Billy Joel song, which is not what I normally expect from my church music.  I’m not quite sure if it’s Adventy, but it really is gorgeous.  And strange.  And greatly mysterious, which is rather the point…

I think my favourite bit is where the choir randomly comes back in again, just when you’d forgotten that it wasn’t Billy Joel at all.  Nice.  And pleasingly mellow for my tired mood…



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