Friday Fun: The Alto’s Lament (Zina Goldrich, Marcy Heisler)

I’m currently obsessing – and I really do mean obsessing – about every Shakespeare-related opera ever written, but I am trying to resist the urge to write about every single one of them here this week, because I’m reasonably certain that nobody in the world is quite so fascinated by them right now as I am.  Instead, I bring you this rather amusing bit of Broadway send-uppery that speaks to my heart right now, all about the sad lot of the alto.

Isn’t it brilliant?  I love the way she really is singing the alto line in every one of those songs, and in all honesty, those low notes are fabulous.

(and should my favourite choir director be reading this… well, I wouldn’t stoop to leaving hints in my blog, of course. That would be wrong.)


2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Alto’s Lament (Zina Goldrich, Marcy Heisler)

  1. Elettaria says:

    Ahahaha YES.

    The comments are occasionally hilarious, with people taking the song so seriously they are saying things like, “How dare she grumble if she’s getting enough work to be in all those productions!”


    • Catherine says:

      I am so going to have to learn this. I do love singing alto, but I am basically a soprano these days, and probably always have been, and it does feel a little confining at times…


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