Friday Fun: Les Mis in 6 minutes (Natalie Weiss / Daniel Rein)

Yeah, I seem to be going though a bit of a Natalie Weiss phase, but this one had me in hysterical laughter when I listened to it. Also, we have to celebrate our freedom from grant applications – this is the music of a people who can finally get back into the lab and do some real science!

I especially love I dreamed a dream, and Castle on a Cloud, but honestly, the whole thing is brilliant. Though, judging by Andrew’s puzzled expression, one really does have to know the original musical for it to be funny. The other thing I love about this is the jazz aesthetic of it – both the instrumentation and key changes, but also the syncopation and other changes in rhythm. So clever. Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Les Mis in 6 minutes (Natalie Weiss / Daniel Rein)

  1. lsn says:

    Did you read the article in The Age yesterday about the lack of productivity in grant writing? Trying to find an electronic copy…


    • Catherine says:

      Indeed I did! I think I did about a century of those hours last year.

      Also, I have the Nature letter it’s based on – if you email me, I can send it to you. It’s doing the rounds here in a big way, not least because the authors got funding to do a study of more efficient ways to review grants, so we’re all madly sending them copies of our grants, too…


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