Plotting a Programme, and Come Unto These Yellow Sands (Linley)

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’m planning (hoping?) to do my ATCL singing exam this year, and got all excited about creating a Shakespeare / Renaissance-themed programme, with just  a little baroque to spice things up (because I cannot resist baroque music).  Only my programme has been blowing out to a ridiculous length, and is full of depressing Italian arias, which is not ideal.

Then, last week, I found a whole series of John Donne sonnets set to music by an Australian composer, Dorian Le Gallienne.  They are all horribly atonal, which is a pity, and of course, I don’t exactly need *more* repertoire (says she who accidentally downloaded a whole book of 50 songs inspired by Shakespeare last night, including a truly appalling Victorian attempt to make Desdemona’s Willow Song in English scan to the Rossini Italian), but singing through them last night brought me a brainwave – if I take all the arias gleefully out of context, but stay true to the textual and emotional content, I can have a recital not merely with a theme, but with a plot!  Of sorts.  Assuming I can find that top D flat for the Lady Macbeth. And assuming that Trinity isn’t so appalled at my operatic blasphemy that they fail me on the spot.

Anyway, here’s the opening of my story…

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