Advent Calendar Day 21: Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Wilcocks, who should know better)

I had such good intentions for this Advent Calendar, truly I did.  I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the more beautiful Advent music out there, and I have.  But this is Friday, which means that even beautiful music must have an edge of silliness to it.

This is another medieval carol, and it’s actually very gorgeous both in lyrics and tune and I really love it.  And this arrangement is spectacular.

There’s just one little problem with it: it has an orgasmic alto line.

No, really.  I can’t listen to this one without giggling, no matter how good my intentions.  It’s fairly absurd even if one doesn’t have a dirty mind, but if one does, oh dear.  See (or rather, hear) for yourself.

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