Advent Calendar Day 9: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (Leah)

Good morning!  Are you ready for your Monday Morning Symphonic Metal Advent Music Wake Up Call?

Did you even know you could have one?

And aren’t you glad you now do?


I’ve always thought that this was one of those texts that just inspires people – every setting I’ve ever heard of it has been truly gorgeous. The traditional melody, which Leah is having an absolute *party* with in this recording (and I cannot express just how gleeful her version makes me), is usually sung rather more like this, and it’s one of those hymns that always makes me happy when I see it come up in the pewsheet.  It has a lovely grandeur to it, and is beautifully set for the voice.  Singing it feels really, really good.

As for this version… well, I honestly don’t know enough about the genre to judge it in an educated fashion, but it does make me happy.  Perhaps not for the right reasons, and perhaps not in the way Leah intended, but I do think that’s a truly fascinating thing to do to such a stately piece of music.  And the guitar solo is just *perfect*.